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We know how hard it can be to find the right training facility with the right vibe. At BUDO we believe it’s important to create a welcoming environment where kids, teens and adults can come to train and learn martial arts in a safe and supportive setting. Our goal is to give our students the motivation to learn and the confidence to reach their full potential. Come in and visit us to get a feel for what we're all about and see why our members are so passionate about training here.
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Budo Vancouver

3121 Kingsway, Vancouver


I started my BJJ journey at Budo about 6 weeks ago and the instructors here are excellent. Budo has created a great environment to learn and grow. It can feel intimidating to do something new but the instructors and students make everyone feel welcome.

Adam Ewing

My kids love this place, instructors discipline the kids but keep it fun for them at the same time.
My kids have grown in confidence and in attitude. Cheers.

David Kwok

I started training at Budo 2 years ago after deciding to call it quits at another gym. The comparison here is unreal. Whether you are looking for something serious, or just some guidance to get in shape, they can adapt to your level effortlessly. The instructors are amazing and interested in growing your physical and mental capabilities. They have created a very non-threatening environment attracting incredible students and is just all around a great place to be!

Emily Ng

As a working mom with competing priorities, it's been challenging to find time to workout. BUDO has given me solid reasons why I always show up in Muay Thai, Juijitsu and No GI class at least 3x a week minimum. The class hours accommodate my busy schedule and the instructors provide individual attention to students to progress quickly, safely and confidently.

My kids have been on this location for 4 years, from kids' class to teens' class. BUDO enhances their discipline, leadership and physical/mental health and they get to train and have fun with other kids their age.

Chato Gup

I have trained jiu-jitsu at Budo's Vancouver location since it opened and cannot say enough positive things about my experience here. Scott is an inspiring, respectful and amazingly skilled coach, and the other instructors (Dan, Uriel, Mike, Graham, among others) are fantastic as well.

Whether you are brand-new to the sport, a hobbiest jiu-jitsu practioner, a tournament competitor, or someone simply looking to get physically active, there is something for everyone here. The high-quality instruction, friendly atmosphere, and great teammates have kept me training eagerly for years, so I highly recommend coming in and giving Budo a try!

Stephen Paget

Our son does jiu jitsu & kick boxing at the Burnaby location with Chris, it's helped his self confidence so much! Chris is absolutely wonderful with all the kids while maintaining order & teaching him respect, our son really looks up to him. All the instructors at both locations teach using very hands-on methods. I would recommend Budo to anyone in the Vancouver or Burnaby area!

Camille Davis

Budo is a fantastic gym to train at. I have been going here for about 5 years and although I travel a lot one of the things I look forward to most about returning to Vancouver is getting back to training at Budo. All the coaches are so knowledgeable and approachable and it's a great environment for learning and developing your skills.

Budo really is like a family, everyone there is positive and supportive. Your first day/week/month of starting martial arts can be challenging, adapting your cardio to Muay Thai and just figuring out what you are supposed to do in Jiu Jitsu, but the coaches and fellow students are always ready to give you that extra encouragement to get through the round and just help you get through that initial confusion. Thanks guys!

Chelsea Norman